My Second Guided Project: Hacker News (Shas)

Hi Data quest friends,

This is my second guided project in the Data science track (after a year break of Data science study).

I intend to revisit all my projects later and in this case do the analysis using num_points, and also the other posts rather than just Ask and Show HN. But I feel that it might be better after I finish the data visualisation and pandas.

It would be great to receive feedback and comments on the following:

  1. Overall flow / story telling
  2. Use of Markdowns
  3. Data analysis

My Jupyter notebook file below:

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@shas welcome back! Good to know that you are back on track! :+1:

Story telling
  • You definitely had a logical lead in to your conclusion. If anything, I would encourage you to expand your story by attending the extra questions.
Use of Markdowns
  • Your use of markdowns is appropriate. I noticed that you put some effort in creating headers for your outputs. This obviously makes your outputs look really nice. I shall suggest the following options to get your output even better:
  • To embolden your terminal outputs, you could use this. Using escape codes, you could get your last heading to be emboldened like this Top 5 Hours (US/Eastern) for Ask Posts Comments while your table remains separate and normal.
Data Analysis
  • Your analysis is clear. I look forward to you adding visualizations as well. They’ll certainly add more value to what you have now.

Overall, good job on completing the project till now. Hope to see more of your project. Keep the spirit going :man_running:

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Thanks @jesmaxavier for your inputs - Especially the code output formatting using escape codes.

This link also has some useful information for Jupyter notebook specific on the topic.

Incorporated this on my project in Github:

As a test:

from IPython.display import display, Markdown
heading_template = 'Top {} Hours ({}) for Ask Posts Comments'.format(5,'US/Eastern')
some_text = "some markdown"
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I like that link you posted. I’ve actually done a project that implements styling as seen in that link, which I might post later.

Furthermore, I have seen the changes you made. Keep it going!