My second guided project - Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets

Hi there! I just completed the second guided project and I’d like to get some feedback. I tried to insert plots, and follow the style guide, so I’d like to know if it looks good to you and how I could improve anything (title, intro, conclusion, general style…).
I also tried to be more careful in markdown since I received suggestions on this and please let me know if there is something I could improve. Thanks everyone!

This is the URL of the last mission screen of the Guided Project:

This is my notebook (.ipynb file):
Project_2_Free_online_app_profile.ipynb (600.3 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


@fedeminozzi ,
Very well done in completing your second project and presenting it for reviews.

  1. Your Introduction was apt and well crafted with visible mentions of Summary of the study, data, background, the “big questions” answered by your data analyses, and summaries of your conclusions about these questions. This is good from my view.
  2. Code commenting was consistent and I could follow your analysis from top to bottom.
  3. Use of functions for code reuse and to avoid repetitions is commended and is very professional.

A few things to consider are:
i. Import all necessary libraries at the beginning of your project like so:

import pandas as pd
import re
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplotlib inline 

without needing to repeat the “%matplotlib inline” statement over and over again.

ii. It is very important to include titles on your visualizations so that readers can know what they about to consume visually.
iii. The charts appear to be hanging in the air due to the complete removal of background and axes labels
iv. You missed a consistency issue during cleaning as your visualization for “google_users” has categories in “CAPITALS” which appears to be shouty.

Your conclusion was interesting and conveyed your findings appriopriately. Good job!

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hi, thank you for your precious feedback and for noticing some features to be improved. I’ll work on it! Thank you!

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Hi! I’ve gone through your work and must commend you for a job well done. Your discussion of results was well articulated and portrays speaking or engaging the other audience with sense of responsibility. This is a good communication skills.
Can this work go further by exploring the age brackets of the users to know which category of users use the apps the most to advice our developers in making apps by users defined rather than popularity of the genres? The content rating column might be useful here.


Hi, well done on this, i think its great. Its got tones of information and great use of graphs as well!

Great job!