My Third Data Science Project - When you should you ask your question?

Hi Community,

This is the third guided project on the Data Analyst pathway. Technically the 2nd one I finish fully I was taking a very long and detailed approach for the “Mobile App Store Recommendation” Project, and skipped ahead to keep things fresh.

Quite an interesting dataset with lots of potential to revisit and cut the data in new ways.

I’d appreciate feedback!

Thank you!

Hacker News - When should you ask your question?.ipynb (22.5 KB)
hacker_news.csv (3.0 MB)

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Hi @henry.vigneron,

I really enjoyed reading your project. It was easy to follow and understand your analysis with the multiple sections and markdown cells. Your output was readable and concise. I could quickly follow and grasp your analysis.

You did a great job guiding the reader and really explaining your analysis. By adding additional print statements, I could read your code a lot easier:

Ask posts: 1744
Show Posts: 1162
Other Posts: 17194
Average comments per "Ask" post: 14.038417431192661
Average comments per "Show" post: 10.31669535283993

Great job on completing your third guided project. I hope you share your 2nd project when you complete it. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for your kind words Casandra! It’s very encouraging :slight_smile:


HI @henry.vigneron ,
I completely agree with @Casandra_Hayward and will further add a few lines to it.

  1. Code commenting was very minimal. You may want to add more comments above your code. The aim is to alert the reader on what the codes are about execute.
  2. You imported a library within your project like so:

    Professionally, we are advised to import all libraries at the beginning of your project. This makes code maintenance easier like this:
#importing libraries
from csv import reader
import datetime as dt
  1. The project has good potentials to be extended at your discretion which if done, is a good fit for your portfolio.

Well done and goodluck.

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Thank you for your suggestions @Ezemonye_Omereji ! Will definitely implement in future projects.

Regarding the code commenting - is it best to comment within the code cells? or w/ some markdown.

The reason i abstained from code descriptions too much here is because i saw another feedback comment in a student’s work that it shouldn’t be too descriptive. We must assume that the reader has some understanding of the code.

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Yes, you are correct that comments shouldn’t be too descriptive and my take was to have a mixture of both markdowns and code comments. Your code cells may be exclusively viewed as a slide show and comments come in handy at that time. Notwithstanding, your use of meaningful variable names is also commendable for code readability.

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Thanks @Ezemonye_Omereji - I have noticed quite a big difference from the solutions and my code is the variable & object naming. I tend to overcomplicate it sometimes and make it too conceptual rather than related to the question we are answering in the code.

Thanks for this tip :“Your code cells may be exclusively viewed as a slide show and comments come in handy at that time” - I had not considered that.

Really appreciate the comments!