My Third Guided Project: Guided Project Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

Hi Everyone,

I have just completed my third guided project and I am looking for feedback to improve the coding practices. I unfortunately had to take a bit of a break between guided projects, so I had to review and research a lot of the material to refresh my memory.

Guided Project Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data.ipynb (231.2 KB)

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Awesome work @steven7
For the first and last cells it would be nice if they were markdown cells rather than being python code comments.

Happy Learning!


Thank you for the feedback and I have update my project and will include a markdown cell on my checklist prior to submission for future community posts.

Thanks again.

Attached is the update project file based on recent feedback.
Basics.ipynb (231.3 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Hi @steven7,

I have just gone through your updated notebook. I think you have updated the last cell into a markdown cell, but the first sell still a code cell with inline comments. You can easily make it into a markdown cell by following this keyboard shortcut
Press Esc while one the 1st cell and then press “M”. Now the cell is a markdown cell. To remove all the ‘#’ sign of inline comment, just select all using Ctrl+A and then press Ctrl+/
Now you will have a markdown cell with text.

After going through your code I get to learn a few new things.
You have used groupby() and transpose() functions. I wish you gave a bit of inline code comment for those. I have never used those functions. So if you had some comments in there, it would have helped me to learn about it faster.

So it would be great if you can add a bit more of code explanation using inline comments and conclusions from each analysis using markdown cells. Looking forward to see your updated work.