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My very first sharing project: What makes the Traffic on I-94 Interstate highway worse? - Welcome all feedback

Hello everyone,
I’ve been working on many projects but this is first time I public my work and this is 2nd time I’ve done this project. Not only writing code to get the result, I have tried to tell a story in my project so people can get along, using fivethirtyeight style in data visualization and I found it so beautiful :slight_smile:
I hope someone can read and give some feedback about my project:

  • What should I improve to make it better? Both coding, title, subtitle, graph…
  • Should I write the description of meaning of each column in the introduction ? I am confused because if I included it somehow I feel it irrelevant to what I wrote but without it, someone may want to know the meaning of each column.

Many thanks in advance.

You can find my notebook here:

Heavy traffic.ipynb (949.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab