Hi guys,

I’m new here and am stuck on Lists and For Loops.

I’ve reached the stage where i am to create a list using syntax shortcut.
I have input code

‘’’ row_1[2:5] ‘’’

which works fine when i run the code, however when i try to save it as a variable using code

‘’’ print (last_3_fb) ‘’’

I am receiving an error message saying
NameError: name ‘last_3_fb’ is not defined.

Any help would be much appreciated.


hey @h.shields

print() would print the result/ variable. where is the code where-in you are actually trying to store the the value?

my best guess you need to add the new variable like below:

last_3_fb = row_1[2:5]

this would assign the result of row_1[2:5] to the variable last_3_fb ("=" will assign).

Hi Rucha,

Yes that was indeed the one step I was missing.

Many thanks