Natural Language Processing


I really appreciate it if someone can help and guide me with this.

I need to learn NLP for my research in a short time. I am almost finishing the Data Scientist Path of DQ, so I was wondering what are the best resources to learn NLP. or Do I even have the basic and required knowledge to learn NLP?

After a little search, I found Udacity. They have a nano-degree program for learning NLP, but its prerequisites are knowing ML and Deep learning. I am not sure if the level I learned here in Dataquest is enough for joining their NLP program.

If someone can help me with these questions, that would be great.


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Not sure how short of a time you need. Stanford has their Winter 2019 NLP courses on YouTube

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Two months at max.
After finishing my courses here, Can I start their NLP program?

That would depend on your background so far and how well you understand things.

As per the course prequisites, you would really require to know/have -

  • Proficiency in Python
  • College Calculus, Linear Algebra
  • Basic Probability and Statistics
  • Foundations of Machine Learning

Mostly, based on the content covered by DQ, you should be fine with it.

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Thanks for your reply.
I am in a good level of all the perquisites you just mentioned.

But I am not sure what resources are good for NLP.
I appreciate it if you could help me with this.

I am not sure I understand. You have two options already here. One is from Udacity and one is from Stanford. Just pick one and start with it.

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