Need a documentation explaination

Hey everyone,
I was a bit bugging on the Axes.set_ylim() method thinking that it will magically change the range for each y axes with one line, so I checked the documentation and the title is :

How do you know from reading this that from the keyword “Axes”, you should place ax1, ax2, ax3 and ax4 to use the method ? Is it because it starts by a majuscule so that is the clue ?

Hi @nicolas_mtl

Well the documentation it’s very clear in that

The Axes contains most of the figure elements: Axis , Tick , Line2D , Text , Polygon , etc., and sets the coordinate system.
The Axes instance supports callbacks through a callbacks attribute which is a CallbackRegistry instance. The events you can connect to are ‘xlim_changed’ and ‘ylim_changed’ and the callback will be called with func( ax ) where ax is the Axes instance.

You can read more about it here