Need a study partner

Hello, I have been struggling with motivation to continue learning from DQ, i am currently in the course for pandas and its great but i’ve been struggling with motivation. I feel a study partner would help me for accountability. Is anyone up for this? We just keep tabs on eachother and we can start projects together.

1 Like a link to discord I’m practicing typing but soon I’ll get back onto dataquest.

I already joined bro. looks cool. Where you at in DQ?

I’m still at the beginning unfortunately

well thats cool. i’m also a beginner. Do you mind if we study together?

Yea messaged on discord

What percentage are you at now?

I’m at 12% in Data science for python path. You?

Nice, 4%. Enjoying it so far?

Hello Brian

I am up for it. Message me and we can decide the schedule.


Hey there! I’m about to start Exploratory Data Visualization. I’m 13% please let me know where you are so we can study together!!!