Need dataset for Intro to SQL

Hello, I am currently going through the “Introduction to SQL” course, more specifically I am on the following course now:

I just need the CSV file of the dataset used in this course to give myself a better idea of the dataset. The link on Github is confusing- I do not know which one is the main dataset. Hope someone can help me.

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In that Mission, we are working with the recent_grads table.

On the linked GitHub page there is a recent_grads.csv file.

The CSV file is no different than the table you are working with in the Mission. You can still get an idea about the dataset using SQL queries, which is part of the purpose of the Mission as well.

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Thanks so much for your response. This is helpful. I have a stupid question. How can I download that file from Github? I do not see a link :frowning:

The straightforward way would to -

  • Go to the file on GitHub. It should show you the data as a table
  • Right above the displayed data (towards the right) you should see buttons Raw and Blame. Click on Raw. That will open up the file in the csv format in your browser
  • Right-click and the save the page. Make sure you save it with the correct extension. Depending on your browser/system, the save pop-up might have something like “Save as type”. Make sure that type is either csv or “All Files” and that your filename has the csv extension.

If the above is confusing, then just download the entire GitHub Repository and then delete everything other than the file you require.


Wow :slight_smile: that is such a clear cut response. Thanks so so much- this does help.

Glad I could help! If you think the response could help other learners in the community then feel free to mark it as a solution.

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