Need Feed backs for Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hi everyone,

I have completed my project 2. Could someone give me some feedback on my project? I appreciate all your reviews and contribution. I am kinda exploring data science career path and want to get into it.

Jupyter File:
Project 2_ExploringHackerNews.ipynb (52.0 KB)

Links to my project:

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Hi @phongdo3009,

Not bad at all for the second project!
Few comments to consider in the future.

  1. Train yourself to comment your own code as much as possible with meaningful comments, i.e. describing what you do and why, expected results, data formats, etc. Here is a very good guide on Writing Comments in Python for the inspiration to begin with. This habit saves a lot of time and your own efforts when you come back to your own code month later :slight_smile:

  2. Data Science is not only on processing the data, it’s about telling the story. Imagine you did this research for a customer or for internal department in your company. People who are far away from technologies need to understand what you did, why and what are the results. Here may help some text descriptions before and after the code blocks.

  3. Some data are better understood from pictures rather than numbers. Try to add some graphs to your research. This usually helps a lot to ease understanding the data itself and findings. For instance, instead of lengthy output of numbers in posts by hour part, a simple column bars graph could be of great value.

  4. Conclusion is very important part of any DS research. You have it but very short one :smiley:

  5. Some places in code could be optimized, but that’s OK, this will come with the experience.

Overall, very solid work and well done!

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