Need Feedback on Guided Project - Exploring eBay car sales Data

Dear dataquest community:

This is the 2nd guided project I finished and the 1st time to post in community!
I hope to receive some feedback from you guys!
Every feedback can drive me go further!
autos_DavidChung.ipynb (123.6 KB)

I’d like to share my learning experience: before using dataquest to learn Python, I graduated from business field and have no idea about computer science at all.

In this numpy & pandas course, there’s many details that we need to search from the website.(I found many different solutions for the same purpose in stackoverflow) and I gain many sense of accomplishment during searching.

Thank you and wish you have a good day!

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hey @yida0127

this is a great effort for a second project and first upload!

congratulations on learning multiple things and ways to complete, during the project. It keeps you craving for more, isn’t it?! :grinning:

well, you have completed the coding part and you have clear comments in code cells. Let’s start with phase two of markdowns as well and keep learning and improving further.

I have these two questions for you though:

  • what exactly is this part?

  • and why are the comments sometimes up and sometimes below the code.

lastly, for analysis from the below code, you can append the code with value_counts() so that instead of printing a long list of values, we can precisely show how many unique values and their counts are present in dataframe.

autos["registration_year"][autos["registration_year"] > 2016].sort_values()
# there's 1879 data which registration year is over 2016

Hi @Rucha

Appreciate for your precious comment and encouragement.
I agree with your comment that learning will keep me craving for more!

For your questions,

  1. That is my translation and note when coding, I’ll remember to delete next time!
  2. Thanks for your reminding! I’ll keep the comments at the same position for others easy reading in the future!
  3. I follow your recommendation and it really make the output more neat!

Thanks again :smile:

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