Need Help, getting an error when executing my code in inbuilt Jupyter Notebook

Hi Dataquest,io,


I am getting this error
/dataquest/system/env/python3/lib/python3.4/site-packages/IPython/core/ DtypeWarning: Columns (17,62) have mixed types. Specify dtype option on import or set low_memory=False. interactivity=interactivity, compiler=compiler, result=result)

Please kindly help, how to get rid from this error. Though my code is giving the output perfectly.


hey @NisrinDhoondia

I googled the error and found this on stack overflow:

I did a and instead of showing me column structure it showed me memory usage, so most likely not related to the dataset but the size of it. Let us know what your research says. Thanks.

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Hi @Rucha,

Thank you very much for the information.

Yes I too got the same output for info() and I did realized it but I just wanted to get rid of that error anyhow since I will be uploading it on my Github account as part of my job searching process.

I was able to resolve this through sample solution provided by for the project.
So I copy-paste this as argument in pd.read_csv(‘’) and the error vanish. Yes for info() method I am still getting the same output only.


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