Need help to answer the sample and population question

Statement - The sample should be representative of the population.

a)True, since the sample is a subset of the population.

b) True, because the sample is a subset of the population and we derive the properties of the population like mean, median from the sample.

c) False, sample need not be representative of the population.

Only one option is correct, kindly help…

Hey @abhinitrpr

I would go for option b)

Think it depends on sample size since de Moivre’s equation is : {\mathop{\rm\sigma}} \left( {\bar x} \right) = \frac{{\sigma }} {\sqrt n}

where {\mathop{\rm\sigma}} \left( {\bar x} \right) is the standar error of the mean, {\mathop{\rm\sigma}} is the standard deviation of the sample and n is the size of the sample.

A very small sample size will show high variance and may produce spurious numbers not representative of the entire population as a whole.

So, right answer b) is trappish !

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So which is one is correct ? Thanks for the article :slight_smile:

I would say like you b) !

Agreed, this question is bit tricky!

Simple answer would be a) - the statement is true. Sample should be representative of the population, it’s drawn from.

I guess option b) doesn’t just answers True or False, but helps answer Why? too.

@abhinitrpr do let us know your inputs.

Happy learning!

Edit: The more I think about it the more option a) seems right :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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