Need Mentor.. No Motivation.. Help!

Hi Guys,

I’am writing this to get some sort of advise that could help me in this crisis situation.
I’am a beneficiary of covid19 scholarship. Thanks to the scholarship as I was able to practice the code and get to spend good time on learning new things especially after losing my Job due to the pandemic.

I was going really well until i turn covid19 positive :mask: wasn’t able to spend time since then. I lost some crucial 20 days due to this virus and unfortunately I lost the momentum. I believe i’m recovering well now but still i’am not able to spend time on studying as i used to do before. I lack confidence, self-doubts were creeping in and there’s no motivation :sweat:
somebody please help!




Hey, first of all, get well soon.

Now, If you are new to this field and You are having doubts and feeling confused about data science field, then it’s okay it’s normal. You need to set smaller goals and complete them, that way you will build confidence. Don’t think you have to do everything in one day. Just take smaller steps until you are super confident that this is something that you want to do. Set a goal like I am going to complete five mission today and just focus on that thing.

Best motivation would be to realize What would happen If I don’t do this, What would happen If I don’t get necessary skills to get a good job!!

Never lose HOPE!!


Thank you Jenil :slightly_smiling_face:
You’re right. I need to break down things into smaller targets. I’m starting again today. Hope I come out of this soon.

Hello @spkalyan03 Quick Recoveries. I know you are greatly impacted with this pandemic. As the DataQuest Community we’re always be here to help and support you in Data Science/Data Analysis queries.

Once you embark in learning and you need any assistance or mentorship reach out to us, we will assist where applicable.



Thanks buddy :innocent:

sure will reach to the community for assistance in learning.

Thanks for the support guys.

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Hi @spkalyan03. I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. :slightly_frowning_face:

Be kind to yourself. Your body is still recovering, and that takes a toll on your mind, also. It’s okay to take it slow. It’s okay to have bad days where you don’t accomplish anything. It doesn’t say anything negative about you, if you need to take a break from learning during your recovery! You are awesome, and you can do this. :heart:


Hello Darla ,

Thank you for being so kind. you guys are really awesome :blush: :blush: I feel more stronger now :innocent: