New Project: Ups & Downs of Euro

I’d like to present my new Guided Project “Ups and Downs of Euro”.
The instructions were about storytelling through viluallization, so I tried my best to use charts rather than numbers and words, and looked at the data from different sides.
The exchange rates are practically terra incognita for me, so I spent some time researching and understanding the area.
During the work on the project, I collected methods and lines of code in a personal collection, and I have progress)).
I defined for myself:

  • some graphs look more complete with all axes around, this is a personal feeling, so trust yourself more than trends);
  • I love matplotlib)), it is enough to know the names of 7 primary colors, plus black / gray / white, plus ‘dark / light’ prefixes, plus the alpha parameter, and you have a huge palette for analysis without going through the color code;
  • when I guessed to use the function as a coordinate for texts and lines on the chart, without reading any documentation, I became proud of myself, as if it was the discovery of the century));
  • the Savitsky-Golay filter is something, it is so easy to use and does not require much effort to select more suitable parameters for the chart.

In my work on the project, I used a combination of Excel power for calculation and some data cleaning, as well as Python methods. Please don’t take this as a cheating.

I’d like to get any feedback and critique from the community. Thanks for advance.

Exchange_Rates.ipynb (895.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


I think it’s great that you used Excel to do work! Nice paper.

Honestly, it was easier for me than writing a complex function in Python. On the other hand, why not? There are so many ways to get results without much effort.