New Python Programmer Needing Advice

Hello to all,

I’m very new here, just having started today though I’ve dabbled in Python programming before (especially version 2). I’m looking for some learning advice before I truly start on DataQuest.

Some more background on my current situation: even though I’m new to Python, I’m not new to programming. Currently I work as a full-stack web developer on a MongoDB/NodeJS/VueJS stack. The project I work on has 0 to do with data visualization or analysis though there is a data collection component.

I’m switching jobs to a Python/Flask/MongoDB stack where I’ll be mainly on the back-end (i.e. server-side). The project is data viz for the most part.

My question is what path should I take here? I see there are a few tracks available but not sure which one to choose. So far, after playing with a few other resources to learn Python, this one seems the best so I’d like to stick with this one but not sure how to go about getting to the point where I can build a Flask project.

I see that a lot of things here use SQL but that’s okay… I do know SQL and can eventually just replace the SQL parts with NoSQL… it’s more the new framework and figuring out which way to go that is the hard part.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

I started programming in Python on Dataquest, after going through all the missions, I can confidently say I am far from a newbie.
Nevertheless, remember the Python programming here is more tailored towards Data Science as against OOP.