New to Dataquest Community

Hello there!

I’m new to Data Science and Dataquest community. Just heard about the “Dataquest Writers Challenge” and somehow landed in this page. My goal is to participate in the Writers Challenge when I’m ready.

What kind of preparation and knowledge/skills are required to stand out?



Hi Brindha!

Welcome to the Dataquest community! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s so nice that you are interested in the Writers Challenge.

To stand out, you need less Data Science knowledge than you might think.

Even as you start learning the subject, you’ll find a lot of opportunities to share your experiences. For example, you can talk about:

  • a hard-earned lesson - what was the struggle, how you coped with it and how you learnt it
  • a unique and interesting thing that you stumbled upon on the Internet
  • your story - why you’re learning Data Science, how are you keeping yourself motivated, what’s your system of learning, what’s your biggest challenge and all the nitty gritty details of the learning process itself

So, more than anything, what you really need is the confidence to dive head first and start even when you think you’re not ready! :wink:

Haha :wink: Thank you for the prompt response. Points taken :slight_smile:

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