New to online community, looking for advice

I just recently got my degree in CS and during my time I took an interest in AI and too some classes on AI, ML, and Data Science. After some fumbling around on the internet, I found myself here and interested in what’s going on.
There is always so much to learn, and while I think the classes did a good job teaching me from an academic perspective, I think it was missing a lot from the practical side of things.
As such, I’m excited to join in here, and if possible I’d love some advice or pointers to tutorials for modern AI/ML/Data Science pipelines and tools.
What are people using in their day to day professional experience?
Thanks a bunch!


Hi @danielluftmartinez_c:

To be a good data scientist, in my opinion, you need to be good with Python/R and SQL.

Glad to share some resources with you. For AI/ML you can start with:

  1. AI for Everyone
  2. Elements of AI
  3. Deep Learning
  4. Dataquest’s Missions

The staple for Python Data Scientists are numpy, pandas,matplotlib, scikitlearn etc.

I havent really got into R but I know there is tidyverse, ggplot and many more…

For SQL there are different variations (I personally leant Microsoft SQL Server –TSQL as the dialect used). We use SQLite in dataquest, but generally the syntax of the various dialects is about the same.

Hope this helps!


Thank you!
I’ll be sure check this stuff out!

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