Next Step In GPs: Employee Exit Surveys & Answering Business Qs with SQL


Primarily submitting for additional exercise part of the two guided projects.

  • Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys
  • Answering Business Questions Using SQL

Please do share your ideas/ take on the additional exercises alongwith any mistakes/ critical feedbacks.


CleanAndAnalyzeEmployeeExitSurveys.ipynb (1.1 MB)

AnsweringBusinessQuestionsUsingSQL.ipynb (275.6 KB)

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Hey @Rucha,

Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Here is my feedback on your project based on a quick glance through it:

  • You have done an excellent job of documenting what’s going on in the project. You explained what project is all about at the top, divided it into helpful sections, closed some sections with your own observations . I would like to add that I feel like there might be a scope of improvement here by reducing the number sections or having sections/subsections in here, perhaps?
  • You can add a proper conclusion at the end where you take the 2 questions that you stated in the beginning and give specific answers to them.

Hi @nityesh

Thank you so much for the positive critical feedback.

Will surely incorporate these updates in guided projects both current and future ones. :+1:

Thanks & Regards