No Output when I am running the code

I am working on the “Guided Project: Predicting House Sale Prices”

The code I was working with working fine yesterday. Now I am getting an error. Same code. I don’t know what’s wrong. Could you please review and give me feedback? Also, there are no outputs in the other two codes. Very strange.

please explain in more detail the issues you are having, It would greatly help if you paste your code here…


I can see multiple issues in this piece of code, lets start by a basic understanding every programmer should have :

  • You define a function.
  • You CALL the function.
  • You deal with the return of your function.

in the example above you did not Call the function!!

this is how it would look:

def train_and_test(data):

our_output = train_and_test(our_data)  # here we CALL the defined function!

print(our_output)                      # here we print the return of the function !!

Also, try to ALWAYS understand the error message…

here you got:

    NameError: name 'rmse' is not defined

This means that the variable name ‘rmse’ can not be found!!
and that makes sense, as variables defined within a function cannot be accessed from the outside (aka local variables), that’s why you have to return them!!