No plots were detected

Screen Link:


chi_squared_values =

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

chi_squared_values =

for i in range(1000):
random_values = np.random.random_sample(32561, )
random_values[random_values < .5] = 0
random_values[random_values >= .5] = 1

females = (random_values == 1).sum()
males = (random_values == 0).sum()

female_diff = (females-16280.5)**2/16280.5
male_diff = (males-16280.5)**2/16280.5
chi_squared = female_diff + male_diff


What I expected to happen:
print a plot

What actually happened:
Got an error

No plots were detected, but 1 plot was expected

It started to work now!

Hi @risto.launis. Thank you for reporting this! I am glad to see it is working for you now. I checked this screen and it is working for me as well. Best,

Hi both, I have exactly the same problem now. I copied and pasted the solution code instead of my own code (which generated the right values) but it still does not produce a plot.


Please refresh the screen and it should work after a while. If it still doesn’t please follow up.

It’s working now. Thanks. I don’t know why this happens?

sometimes this is a glitch @ramin0vali