Nobody Likes Traffic, I-94 Guided Project

Hello everyone. Here is my fourth guided project. It took a little while because I was trying to log those hours for my streak. But I think I won’t do that again because it put me way ahead on lessons and behind on two more guided projects!

I didn’t find any startling conclusions in this one ( :wink:) but did spend some time cleaning the data a little and looking at higher traffic volumes in the evening.

Also, I try to keep the style really clean in these notebooks, so on my local machine I enabled an extension that highlights questionable spellings in markdown cells. Why isn’t that enabled for notebooks on DQ?

Thanks ahead of time for any feedback on code, style, or interpretation.

Nobody Likes Traffic.ipynb (436.6 KB)

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Your project was indeed clean. It does show. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what extension you use to check spellings in the markdowns. I often miss this myself.


  • It goes without saying that the project has been nicely done.
  • I think some more detail could go in to the headers. The header should be an independent entity e.g. If I jumped straight to the Daytime Group section it doesn’t provide clarity on what the section is about. An alternate title could be Daytime Traffic Analysis.
  • I noticed that in each section you provide your analysis summary before the analysis. I usually find it easier to see the analysis first and then go over what you have extracted from it. This is especially helpful when you have graphs because you have seen the graph and the analysis thereafter validates it.
  • For every section it would be good to have a title, followed by a small intro then the analysis and finally your observations.
  • You have provided a nice, neat conclusion.

Coding Style:

  • You have not shirked away from appropriately naming your variables which is good to see.
  • I would consider leaving space above each comment just so that the comment and the code associated to it are nice and separate.


  • I would suggest using more colors besides yellow. I noticed that you highlighted both the weather data and traffic volume data(histogram) in yellow. I would suggest using different colors to highlight different kinds of analysis.

So there you go that was my two cents. I hope it is of some value. Keep up the good work :+1: and project on :rocket: :smiley:

Hi! Thanks for the style pointers. I have tried different approaches and like the idea of bookending the analysis sections with text blocks. Putting the line spaces between comment/code blocks was something else I had looked at but I wasn’t sure if the added scroll length prompted TLDR-itis.

I think I’ll make those changes and maybe add some Minnesota Vikings purple for the weather graphs. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ll share the code for the notebook extension but I’m :see_no_evil: embarrassed that I got it super hacky style, just google searching and throwing stuff into terminal. Ooof. Bad practice kiddos. :grin:

Here’s what I (think I remember I) did.

git clone
cd notebook-extensions

jupyter nbextension install calysto --user

jupyter nbextension enable calysto/spell-check/main


pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions
jupyter contrib nbextension install --user
jupyter nbextension enable spellchecker/main

followed by a restart. I think there is a conflict between the second block and Python 5.8, hence the first block.

When you start navigator and it opens the browser you’ll see:

I really appreciate the time you took to look over my work. I’ll make these edits and post the final version here and in my repo tomorrow night sometime.

Thanks! :tada:

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