Non-Dataquest Project Blackhawks vs Oliers 2020 Qualifying Round analysis

This is a self directed project based on the following tutorial

I looked at the following: How did the Blackhawks perform goal wise against the Oliers (they needed to win 3 games to advance as it was a best of 5 series)

How did the captains (Jonathon Toews and Connor McDavid) perform goalwise

Github notebook link

Note: If an html file is desired in RStudio change the output line to html_notebook to get it to render all on the same line. The output is set to markdown_github so that the graphs would display properly and that I can use it for my portfolio


Awesome work @manandwa

Funny thing about you in me is that I also like using We in my projects :joy: Even if I’ve done it alone, It just seems I am emphasizing colaboration :joy: :joy:

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Didn’t notice that but yeah it helps to not have I statements. I’m hoping for a long playoff run for the Hawks that means more data to analyze (although they have to win 3 in a row now being down 3-1)