Normalization - Ebay car sale project - 5/9

In Ebay car sale mission. crawled date has been normalized= True. I dont understand why do we do that ? and what do we get after normalizing the crawled_date. the explanation in answer key is

(" Looks like the site was crawled daily over roughly a one month period in March and April 2016. The distribution of listings crawled on each day is roughly uniform.")

If anyone can explain how to infer after normalizing the data ?

The simplest description that I was able to come up with for this that you set normalize=True when you want to know what percentage of the whole is for each value that appears in the column. So, the normalized info is showing the percent of each value, relative to the rest of the unique values.

The pandas docs for value_counts explain how normalize works, but I also found this page, which explains its use with an example.

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