Not a code problem, it is a analytical problem

We try to look for app has the most users in apple dataset.

Then we calculate the avg_rating for each genre, how can it prove that which app has the most users?

I just want to make sure I understand the whole story correctly.

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It does not prove it. It is just a way to measure the popularity since we don’ t have the data about the number of installs. What we do is to assume that the most evaluated apps are the most popular apps. The mission explains it:

One way to find out what genres are the most popular (have the most users) is to calculate the average number of installs for each app genre. For the Google Play data set, we can find this information in the Installs column, but this information is missing for the App Store data set. As a workaround, we’ll take the total number of user ratings as a proxy, which we can find in the rating_count_tot app.

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