Not getting the correct value_counts

Screen Link: (all the way to the bottom)

What I expected to happen:
I expected to get the same value_counts as the solution which ranged all the way till 651 rows

What actually happened:
I only had up till 340 unique values, which negates the next step because we drop columns with less than 500 non-null values. This means that I’ll be dropping all my columns.

ive been looking at my code and i reallly cant see what / where i went wrong, could someone point me to why my combined column value _counts is different from the answer?

It would be better if you shared a GitHub link to your Jupyter Notebook, or share the file here itself so that someone can take a look at the rest of the code and try to help out. It’s difficult to see what might be the issue with what you have currently provided.

You can also see the column names in your output above and in the solution. Compare the two, and notice the differences. For example, you have the last 3 as -


Compare that to the solution and see where in the solution for that same code do you see id and institute. Notice their values and how they differ from yours.

This could be a mistake in how you created combined. If not, then you performed some steps before creating combined that is causing issues.