Not sure why genre_id is the correct column to join on rather than name

Screen Link:

My Code:

SELECT t.track_id, AS track_name,    
       t.composer, AS genre
  FROM track AS t
  JOIN genre AS g
    ON =; 

What I expected to happen:
I am not quite sure I understand why genre_id is the more appropriate column to join the tables track and genre rather than the name column. I guess, what’s the reasoning behind making this choice? If you use the column “name” and keep the rest of the query intact, wouldn’t you get the desired output? If not, why? I thought that the column you join the tables on just has to be identical in each of the tables to do so. Right?

What actually happened: When I used the column “name” to join the tables, I received the output below:

The ON constraint did not join the table on the correct columns. Make sure it joins columns track.genre_id and genre.genre_id.

Take a closer look at the output. It is empty:

By using, you’re using the songs names to connect to the genre name. This isn’t what you want to do, you want to match genre to genre somehow.