Numeric_only on exploring data with pandas lesson 6

Hi all,

I’m not sure if I am missing something but in lesson 6 of exploring data with pandas, it talks about using methods for dataframes. I had to check the answer, which ended up confusing me a bit more.

max_f500 = f500.max(numeric_only=True)

Numeric_only wasn’t in the lesson. Is there a lesson for the numeric_only that I forgot or is missing? Or was there a way to find these documentations mentioned? I’m confused where the answer came from when they were mentioning methods and axis.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi @tlunderwood2014,

  • max(numeric_only = True), indicates that max value should be computed from only columns that has numeric data type.
  • if you just write max() , it will compute max value for each columns in dataframe object (f500)

you can find the documentation for the same here

Happy learning!

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