Numpy Boolean Masks Practice Problem Screen 14

Hi! Can someone please help me understand why my code is not accepted?

Screen Link:

My Code:

def has_perfect_score(grades):
    return np.any(x == 100)

What I expected to happen:
To work the same way as the solution code

What actually happened:
I got the correct output for the test cases, but got the message: “Function has_perfect_score did not return the expected value.”

I think it’s failing because you aren’t using the parametre grades any where inside your function definition. What happens if you replace x with grades?

The reason it works for the test cases is because the test cases use an array called x but I’m guessing some of the test cases for answer-checking purposes do not use x as a variable.

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You’re right! I needed to use x for most of the previous exercises, so I didn’t even notice. Such a stupid mistake. Thanks for your help!

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Absolutely no worries, I promise it happens to all of us! Glad I could help.

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