Numpy no module

Hi, when I use numpy module in pycharm, it says that Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:/Users/Johny/PycharmProjects/pythonProject/”, line 1, in
import numpy as np
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘numpy’

could you please help me with this one

Hello ilhomjon656798. I will try to help you.

Different from Spyder and the Jupyter notebook, which already have the Numpy and Pandas libraries already installed, you must install the Numpy package in pycharm to work with data analysis on it (I reccommed you to use Jupyter or even Spyder instead of Pycharm when working with data analysis).

To install the Numpy, you need to click on File > Settings. Choose your project and Select Python Interpreter. Then you have to search for the Numpy package and click on Install Package.

You will find here a good explanation how to do that, if you still are in doubt.

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Which one should I use , jupyter, spyder or pycharm, and why? That is, which one is more useful for me as a data scientist.
Thank you very much beforehand!

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Hey lhomjon656798,

Well, I am not a Data Scientist yet, but I really enjoy using Jupyter Notebook to work on my projects since it is more dynamic and interactive. It also allows me to write some good introduction of the project and to work on storytelling. But it is up to you to choose either Jupyter or Spyder. Definitely, I don`t recommend Pycharm.

Keep up the good work!! :muscle: :muscle:

To tell the truth, I am quite new for data science, and I need some help with it. Apart from exercises in dataquest, What do you do to improve your knowledge in data science

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Most of the time I spend studying on DQ platform and working on Guided Projects. But I also look for some books to get deeper on Data Science. I am quite new do DS as well. A really good book I do recommend is “The Art of Data Science”, which is a non-technical book and also “Python for Data Analysis”, a technical one. These are some good books to start on DS field. You can also look for some data Science courses on Udemy, but just in case you have doubts in any subject.

Thank you for you advice. You were indeed helpful!

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ilhomjon656798 My pleasure. :slight_smile: