NumPy UserWarning Error


I have the below error every time I use Python.
I use Python 3.10.1 and NumPy 1.22.0 on VSCode.

The error:
UserWarning: The NumPy module was reloaded (imported a second time). This can in some cases result in small but subtle issues and is discouraged. __import__(dependency)

I tried to do the below, but the error remains:

pip uninstall numpy
pip uninstall pandas
pip uninstall matplotlib
pip install numpy --no-deps
pip install pandas --no-deps
pip install matplotlib --no-deps

Does anyone have an idea how can I resolve this issue?

Can you display this happening to you? Is this when you run a script? In a shell?

It happened only when I ran the script on VSC, and in the shell there was no such warning.
I just uninstalled and reinstalled VSC and it solved the issue.

In future, I would advise trying to reboot the machine and try to install the packages again or try refreshing your environment (refreshenv in powershell or quit and reopen your shell). You can also use pip list to double check if the package had indeed been removed from your local environment.