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NumPy UserWarning Error


I have the below error every time I use Python.
I use Python 3.10.1 and NumPy 1.22.0 on VSCode.

The error:
UserWarning: The NumPy module was reloaded (imported a second time). This can in some cases result in small but subtle issues and is discouraged. __import__(dependency)

I tried to do the below, but the error remains:

pip uninstall numpy
pip uninstall pandas
pip uninstall matplotlib
pip install numpy --no-deps
pip install pandas --no-deps
pip install matplotlib --no-deps

Does anyone have an idea how can I resolve this issue?

Can you display this happening to you? Is this when you run a script? In a shell?

It happened only when I ran the script on VSC, and in the shell there was no such warning.
I just uninstalled and reinstalled VSC and it solved the issue.