Are the insights made from my end accurate? If not so then kindly enlighten me.

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Hi @joshi.ananya.joshi1, congratulations for having completed the guided project. With look of things you have followed the guidelines as provided which is okay.
considering this;

image joshi.ananya.joshi1
Are the insights made from my end accurate?

The answer is yes, only that you could have explained further. Imagine somebody who is meeting correlation for the first and he /she encounter this;

So, based on the scatterplot and bar plot above we can say that there is almost no correlation among the ‘ap_per’ and ‘sat_score’. Even if we consider this as a correlation the it’s not to be considered as a strong correlation.

To be honest the guy wouldn’t get anything so it’s advisable to give further clarification. For example a positive correlation may be between the AP scores and SAT scores means that if you score high in the AP test then you will have the same in SAT result that is haver a high score.

Hope this was helpful, happy learning.