NYC High School Data Analysis

Good Morning,

Please find my latest guided project attached here.

Any and all feedback is appreciated. I loaded the notebook file for this project as my first GitHub repository. I’m new to that, so any help there is appreciated as well.

Schools.ipynb (179.5 KB)


Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hello @sbrowne15,

I saw your project, please forgive my sins but I’m going to be harsh:

  • If possible, add a link to the dataset so that the reader can find the original data.
  • Explain your process for cleaning the data sets. This will make your project more approachable to readers.
  • You may also try exploring further correlations. Doing so, you may be able to find stronger correlations with other columns in the data set

I hope my review help, I suggest that before you start your project look the projects of other people in our community, so you can easily see what else you can do with your project.

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This certainly seems less harsh than the first time I read it… I appreciate your feedback, but it’s important to note that this was my first “full” data science project in the program and I leaned heavily on the solution for formatting and ideas. I honestly used this project to learn more about what a report should/would look like. I’ve grown in my skills since then, and made several of these changes suggested on projects going forward.

I have slowed down on posting projects though, because feedback, as I’ve seen it on other project posts and other posts in general, seems to turn in to “gotchas” or opportunities to push different python libraries that will “look better”. It’s important to remember on feedback that not everyone is at the same level when doing the project. I was honestly just happy everything I did worked and was a semblance of the solution. I’ll admit your initial (unedited) post was a little harsh, and I’ve taken some time away from the program to clear my head, but I appreciate the edited form which comes across more constructive.

Hi, thank you for your answer, and off course my first review was horrible, I wasn’t any constructive for you and certainly I didn’t help you with nothing, sorry for that.

And you’re right, the comments that I made the mistake to recommend libraries but I didn’t take care to know if it’s relevant, certainly I made suggestions if it helps to simplify the code, but sometimes simple is more complex.

Thank you again for your answer, and I’ll be more careful and constructive with my reviews.