NYC High School Project

Hello everyone this is my fourth project but im bad at platform sharing.

Need some reviews on coding method and commenting

Schools.ipynb (200.5 KB)

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Hello @tanwar_sumit09! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community :slight_smile: In the project, I liked your code style because you logically split it into chunks. Your markdown is also good, it’s brief but descriptive :slight_smile:

Here is some feedback from my side:

  • Make sure to state what’s the goal of your project and briefly describe the data you are working with. This tutorial on the style of data science project may be of help to you
  • Add code comments when the code is not too obvious
  • Your plots lack a title and axes labels, these elements are essential for the reader’s comprehension. You can also remove the top and right spines which will reduce the amount of clutter
  • In the “Borough Safety” section you can order the boroughs in descending order, it’ll be easier to see which borough is the safest one this way
  • When you are talking about the negative correlation of SAT scores with the higher percentages of black and Hispanic students, it would be nice if you can smoothly link it to the next part in which you explore in detail the correlation between low SAT scores and the percentage of Hispanic students. Something like “Now let’s see in more detail…” Do it anywhere in the project :grinning:
  • Write a conclusion where your wrap up all the findings of the project

I hope my feedback was helpful. Happy coding and good luck with your future projects :slight_smile:

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