NYC School Perceptions (R Project)

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I’ve included my RNotebook and a Github repository link for the New York Schools Perception Survey project. There were quite a few interesting findings in this data and that was only scratching the surface. Something interesting that came up was the presence of a correlation between two variables, but when you graphed the relationship on a scatter plot, it was very apparent that the correlation was driven by only 3 outliers. When removing those outliers, the correlation disappeared. I think this signifies the importance of really investigating your results and not just taking them at face value.

It looks like RNotebooks are not a valid file type to upload, so please grab the code from the Github repository via the link above or by initiating a pull request in R (I’ve included the links to the Github videos on how to do this).

Guided Project: NYC Schools Perceptions

NYC Schools Perceptions Github

RStudio and Git - an Overview (Part 1)

RStudio and Git - an Example (Part 2)

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