NYPD_mvc project

Hello everyone,

I’m working on project about on missing data and downloaded whole data set from original website, the issue i’m having is that once I’m trying to apply function we used in the mission,(again, I’m doing all of this in Jupyter notebook) it gives me following statement:

UserWarning: Attempting to set identical bottom==top results
in singular transformations; automatically expanding.
bottom=0, top=0

Would be grateful if anyone could help me to solve this, where should I look? maybe there are updates I don’t know about

Thank you in advance

Does this (particularly SharadGandhi's answer ) get you closer to fixing the warning?
I got that link by copy paste whole error into google–>1st result

I copy pasted error into google as well and didn’t quite understood how to solve this issue
that’s why I posted that here hoping somebody could clarify this issue

This reply says the error occurs because you were setting the min and max values to the same number when trying to plot with matplotlib.

If this does not solve the issue, could you paste the code that generated the warning and enclose it in triple backticks ``` like this `` (but place them one line above and below)

like this