Object Oriented Error (We could not find the __init__ method in class MyList) answer correct?


If my eyes do not fail me, these two codes are the same.

I have encountered this behavior in several exercises and so far it has not been annoying enough for me to write an entry since the subject of the objects is either clear or not

Sometimes restarting the window behaves well, sometimes not…

Does anyone know why?

I leave it here so that you take it into account.

Screen Link: https://app.dataquest.io/m/352/object-oriented-python/8/attributes-and-the-init-method

My Code:

Screenshot of what I did

And the answer!!!:

Screenshot answer

A greeting and thank you very much.


Hi @Edelberth: I think you have a typo:

class Mylist

should be

class MyList #capital L

In future please attach your code surrounded by backticks as per these guidelines

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Thanks for the speed and for the detail that after looking a hundred times I could not see.

Next time I will be able to code it.

Greetings and thanks again.

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No worries @Edelberth . It happens sometimes to me too and will also need someone to check for me. Happy coding!

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