Open database to analysis

I completed the python fundamentals to ds course and in the last topic I couldn’t recall the database to jupyter notebook in my computer. I was able to open the database itself in jupyter, but not as the code. Can someone tell me what I’m losing in jupyter plataform, please? I’d really like to start the database analysis by myself

Hey, Flávia.

Can you show us what you did and what happened?

I’m not sure what this means. Can you take a screenshort or explain in other words?

could you tell me where am i mistaken over the bases, when i’ve already tried many types of listing over the database main list? I can print the header but whatever index i put in it, it always return the header, and data1 don’t even return.


This issue was anticipated by the author and the solution is in the instructions:


You can read a little more about why you got this error here.

Let me know if this doesn’t solve your problem.