Open Source Paid Internship Opportunity

Hi folks,

Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program aiming to support people from groups underrepresented in tech.

Applications for the Dec '21 to March '22 cohort is currently open. If you’ve ever heard of Google Summer of Code, this is very similar but you don’t need to be a student to apply.

  • 3 months
  • Fully remote
  • $6000 USD stipend
  • Plenty of data-related projects at open source communities such as Mozilla, Wikimedia, TensorFlow, Fedora, and many more.

I’m a current Outreachy intern with the Wikimedia Foundation and I cannot recommend this program enough. Over the summer, I’ve been working on a Python package for parsing SQL dump files, written Jupyter notebook tutorials on how to work with Wikimedia data, presented at the Wikimedia annual conference, and more.

This program is offered twice a year to accomodate for students from both hemispheres – although as I said above, being a student is not a requirement. Many participants are career changers, or people getting back into tech after a longer break, etc.

If you have any questions, post them here. You can also DM me either here, or on Twitter.


Good morning @Slaving. I’m glad you posted this message and always happy and motivated to see females in tech! I’m Francisca from Nigeria and currently began learning data analysis and python.mostly through free online courses like this dataquest, and youtube videos because I do not have the money to Please how do I apply for intern as here in Nigeria, there are very few females who are into data analysis and Python. I would love to learn from you too! This is my number +2348039621900 for watsapp and telegram.sorry, recently I can’t seem to log into my twitter account.

Hi @franciscauba7! There are actually no less than nine Nigerian interns participating in the current Outreachy round, most are women. If you go to Outreachy alums section and do a search, you will see them listed as well as links to their blogs, GitHub, etc.

The first step in the application process for Outreachy is submitting an initial application (deadline is September 3rd). You can create an account, start filling in an application, and save your progress and finish later in case you have questions about any of the sections/need to think about it more. Pay special attention to the essay questions.


Hi Slavina,

Is this internship opportunity open to those that are new to tech and do not have tons of experience, but are wanting to be in the tech industry? I would love to connect.


@acheiltac7 Indeed, you are not expected to have a huge deal of prior experience although the actual skills you need will depend on the specific project you end up applying to.

If you pass the initial qualification, which is entirely based on eligibility and not on skills, you will be expected to contribute to your chosen project/s during the contribution phase. Only your contributions during this phase and your final application matter in terms of whether you are ultimately selected or not, you will never be asked to submit a resume or anything.

I forgot to mention, all participating projects are open source, so this is also a great way to get started with this.

Do check out the Outreachy’s website linked above, as well as @outreachy and #outreachychat on twitter.

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Hey, I’m interested in the opportunity. Please reach out.

@zippsmbai Have you checked out the information on Outreachy’s website linked in the first post? Applications are currently closed as the May-August internship is already underway but will open again in August for the December-March round.


How’s the internship opportunity?


  • The stipend is now $7000 USD
  • The expected time commitment is 30h/week, used to be 40h/week

It was a fantastic experience, plus it led to a full-time role as a software engineer. While my particular internship wasn’t related to data analysis or data science, many others are.

Especially for folks switching careers, I’d really recommend checking this out.

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How many Pull Request (PR) did you do before the application ended?

No PRs :slight_smile: Every project is different in terms of what is expected of applicants. In my case, I prototyped and showcased a Python library for parsing SQL dumps in a Jupyter Notebook.

For PR-based contributions, a few high-quality, regular contributions spread over the application period tend to matter more than a bunch of PRs submitted at the last minute.


Thank you for posting about this @Slavina. Applied today, hoping for the best. :smiley:

You’re more than welcome!

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