Opinion gathering [Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets]

Hello everybody,

I finally finished my first guided project. It was challenging. I focused mainly the beginning of this year on Pandas and Nympy but I never learned the basis of Python (I like analysis with Pandas better to be honest :sweat_smile:, it is just much easier and quicker). I tried to make the most of the code by myself but I got stuck very quickly. There is a huge gap between the classes (where you quickly learn) and the project by itself. Mostly, when my code was working but not elegant, I’d still go for the on in the solutions (more readable and better suited to be presented). I suppose the more practice the easiest it will get.

The analysis is mine though.

Profitable_App_Profiles.ipynb (45.0 KB)

If you also want to check my other projects, please feel free to follow my github.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Look at you! You have already nailed it! The project looks great.
I quite like the presentation, especially with the images. You have put in some efforts to highlight the number of reviews in an image and attach it for easier understanding. Great work. Also I like your conclusion of creating Hybrid app. That is an interesting idea indeed.

I do understand that there can be a bit of gap between each missions and then final project. I think once we overcome that gap, we learn those concept in a much better way. It will be hard for you to forget it, at least for some time to come. Also, I understand after learning advanced libraries, coming to basics might look tough or even prehistoric. I think I’m lucky that I haven’t learned the advanced ones yet and I’m going from the basics to higher one. Since you know pandas and Numpy better, the upcoming projects will be a easier for you. Maybe I can get some help from you on my next projects. Anyway happy learning.

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