Organizing and searching lessons, takeaway notes, and projects

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can provide assistance in a few different areas.

First, is there a good way to search through lessons? Sometimes I remember reading a particular thing, but can’t find a good way to search for keywords.

Second, I’ve been downloading the Takeaway Notes after each lesson. I now have about 50 between Python, SQL, Command Line, and GIT. I can’t make sense of the numbering and naming scheme, and scanning through the list for what I want is frustrating. So far the best I’ve been able to do is put them in folders by topic. Is there any master notebook that is searchable?

Finally, I have the same problem with organizing projects and searching the solutions notebooks. I’ve been saving my projects as I complete them, but when I look back at the list, or try to look through solutions notebooks, I don’t remember what project goes with what lessons. So if I want a project that focused on a certain skill, I don’t know which one to look at without going through several.

Perhaps there is some organization to all the lessons and projects or some other way of finding the information that I’m not aware of? I’m normally pretty organized about my studying and work and am having trouble staying that way with this course.

Hi @PatrickSmith ,

I understand there’s no single correct answer for this. The best approach will differ from person to person.

What worked for me was to create a folder for each course and store all information from the course such as the PDFs, datasets, jupyter notebooks (guided projects).

Also, notice the number before each PDF, so they’re always displayed in the correct order.

There’s a number before the course in the folder’s name as well, for the same reason.