Overwhelmed myself

Hi all Data Science community;
I am so glad to be part of this great community of support. I am coming from a biology major (bachelor and master); I am thinking of career change in the next 2 years. I have joined DataQuest in January; and I really love their methods of teaching.I have been dealing with this issue since I started learning about data science and would appreciate any feedback from anyone.
This issue is that I have been collecting many and many data science resources; I have been in the loop of collecting resources without really studying; looking back to my data science study progress; I have found my self only finished the fundamental course of python in 4 months. I spent most of my times; I spend it collecting resources.
If someone here has dealt with this issue; I would really appreciate your advise in how to stop it and move forward with studying.

I know that not many complain about such an issue; but I really struggle with this issue.

Thank you everyone and stay safe.


Hi jehan.lina.

I partly understand your problem, because in the years that I have been working with Python, I have saved a lot of resources and information about it… never open.
Therefore, my recommendations will be as follows.

  1. Determine for yourself a list of really important literature that you want to read for the beginning of no more than 3 books that you will decide to devote time to in the coming months and the knowledge of which you need right now. This can be an in-depth understanding of Python. Statistics. Recommendations for data visualization.
  2. Set yourself real and interesting tasks in which data science and python will help you. Learning skills without reinforcement in real life often leads to a decline in interest. Having a real task and facing problems on the way to solve it, you will be forced to look for exactly the information that you need now.

I would recommend starting with something that will be useful to you right now, it will help to strengthen your interest in studying


Thank you for the advice; looking back to my Data Science folder; I have books and materials need a life to be finished.
I usually get distracted very easly; having an issue with focus.
Thank you again, I will definitely be applying what you have advised me.

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I have a similar issue where I get stalled for a while. I think I get overwhelmed because I have trouble breaking away from the enormity of the start of a project. I’ll dance around it. Once I get started, I can usually get a lot done, but it’s the getting started that’s the problem. (My mom calls it “swallowing the frog.” :rofl:) One thing that helps is to set a timer for 25-30 minutes and I tell myself to work on something I’ve been avoiding. Working in small increments on one portion of it helps it not seem like such a big task.

I’m going to go follow my own advice now. :sweat_smile:


That is a great way April, yes its swallowing the frog indeed :slight_smile:
Trying to spend hours; days, months in collecting resources; yet to find that I have not started anything during the process is so devastating. I am so determined to break this bad habit :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your experience.


hey @jehan.lina

I absolutely agree with @april.g and @moriturus7.

They have given you a short term and long term strategy. combine them together and you get goals to reach and dedicated steps and duration to reach them.

Although I am also learning to be consistent with my own words here. Still…

If you can try this then please do try. Take one day at a time. Wake up with the idea you are gonna learn one thing new today. and Sleep with the satisfaction of learning that one thing.

Not necessarily a professional growth, include your personal life as well.

Just to clarify myself: - Today I am gonna learn scatter plot - how to build it and how to interpret it. and how to make french fries!

Say you learned french fries, but instead of scatterplot you learned a barplot. let it be. don’t overthink about it. bar plots are also a part of your learning journey, so even if you kept it for tomorrow it’s okay if you did it today.

Rome was not built in one day, we can’t be a data scientist/analysts/ or anything else in one hour. but we can actually make that one hour our best ever in that whole day.

and please do take a break. @april.g’s idea is what many people actually follow. 25 mins work 5 mins break. The problem here is we at times extend 25 and then get stressed or extend 5 and then get guilt conscious.

Also, this analogy might offend some, but this is coming from my own experience. I have realized one thing that when I collect materials and resources to learn I am actually collecting likes and comments. However, my knowledge is supposed to be the actual content I should read, which sadly we kind of never pay attention to.

I am trying to develop this habit - if I like something at the beginning but I know I am gonna be wasting my time right now if I take that up, I bookmark it and close it. Then when I have completed a mission and want to have some distraction, I open that page, read it through and take it out of bookmarks, so that it can go in the Done List.

and keep trying to bring the best version of yourself. your true competition should be ONLY YOU!. we never know how many ONE things you may actually accomplish in that ONE DAY by competing with yourself!

second lastly,



and lastly, this post (just got through once and close it off):

good night from India.


Thank you Rucha for this valuable advise. I will for sure apply what you ahem advised because I am almost giving up on myself.

If I had to guess, your instinct to keep hoarding ‘resources’ even though you don’t use them is a form of procrastination.

Procrastination always stems from wanting to avoid something that is intrinsically unpleasant to us and/or the outcome of the task/project could negatively effect our sense of self worth.

For the past few weeks, I’ve made an agreement with myself to just do 2 hrs per day of DataQuest which leaves me to spend the rest of my spare time messing about collecting resources, looking at other courses, watching Python tutorials.

This way I am always making process and also satisfy the instinct to seek something novel or if the grass could be greener someplace else (fear of missing out).

At the end of the day, I had to realize that procrastination is a form of childishness. The child in us wants to play all the time and to never feel bad and until we grow up and accept that suffering is a part of life we will never reach our ambitions.

TLDR: Kill the child. Study DQ daily for 2hrs.

Hi Salmon, can not agree more; that is a great idea. I am planning to study 3 hours/day everyday. I just have so much hunger for collecting resources, and I know why now :slight_smile :slight_smile:

Hey Jehan,
It’s great as you identify yourself that habits. But let me tell that you’re not alone!!! I have started also in January and I reached 50% of my data science track!!! I can tell that I do more than 4 hours per day. It seems interesting but I ask a lot cause most the day you won’t be motivated all along the journey but consistency may help a lot. I personally don’t follow rules for example 35min-study 5 mean break…

What I do instead is to see first the horizon, I won’t learn indefinitely, data science evolves many disciplines but I have said to me is this six months I will be only studying dataquest. When my curiosity lead me to something else, I perfectly go and comeback once I remember I have 6 months to finish my track…
I do that all the time, every moment I find time I go for dataquest, if I don’t find motivation cool but my browser will have only dataquest when I will comeback…

Also follow people in data science on twitter, medium and other platform but don’t go for that platform udemy, coursera… decide and don’t go back!!!


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Hi Jehan,

Try the below if you like:

1 Make a directory called backup, cut and paste all your documents there;
2 Learn DQ as the first thing in the morning;
3 No matter how hard it is, finish at least one page per day.
4 Before sleeping, tell yourself you will be a data expert in 2 years.
5 Repeat step 2 to 4 daily for one week, INCLUDING WEEKENDS.

Then probably you can find the solution by yourself.

For me, I learnt 50 chapters in the first 5 months, and then 70 chapters in 4 weeks. When your brain is resisting something it is just because it is scared of the difficulty. Never fight your brain, learn to cheat. :slight_smile:




Definitely have similar struggles, that is why I joined DataQuest even though it is quite expensive. I am just focusing on getting through the DQ course because at the end of this, I will have the fundamentals to distinguish between what resource/information/tools is important or not for whatever I am trying to do at a particular time, instead of of overwhelming myself with thinking that I need to learn everything ever in x months/years.

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You are not alone. The availability of resources on the Internet makes us flooded with loads and loads of information that overwhelm us.

It’s left for us to choose or decide which one we would give our attention. I would say focus on Dataquest since you’re already here. Don’t get distracted. You can have another textbook you read for range but as far as online training is concerned; focus on one source and get it done.

The satisfaction you’ll get from completing one project will enable you to start and finish another. Cheers!

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Hi @jehan.lina !
You have got some awesome advice here. I agree with @april.g, @moriturus7, @Rucha, @beresford.salmon and @tanteoverseas .

Personally I am completing a distance education course this week then starting on Dataquest in earnest.
What I learnt with the course I just completed was basically what the others said above:

  • Do a little every day

  • Focus on one thing, complete that, then go to the next

  • Maintain positive self talk and celebrate every step forward

  • Take it one day at a time and make sure you tick your boxes for that day

  • I personally work better when I drink enough water, get enough sleep, exercise and spend time in nature daily.

Not many made it through the course I am completing, and I am very grateful I was able to push through, and I find these valuable habits for my next steps: Dataquest etc.

Best of luck! Cheering for you. :muscle:

@jehan.lina I am really impressed by what you wrote! I do exactly the same thing. Many times I find something that I want to learn, study or explore I always find myself collecting (and organizing) so many (I mean, its a lot!) resources that will be useless because I never open or really use them! It is so annoying and frustrating and hard to express in words.

It actually sounds funny and my brother always makes jokes about this.

I thought it happens just with me and it is so hard to deal with… It is like I can’t really starting something until I go so deep on it, fearful of being missing something but this collecting is actually an endless process!

For Data Science was the same. I have an extensive folder in my bookmark full of resources that, to be honest, I have no idea what they really are and where I should start. I have the feeling that it makes things worst and harder.

Do we have a name for it? ‘Syndrome of Collection’? I agree that this “collection problem” is a little bit of procrastination, but it is something more, I do not know.

Like @angelaphps said, I hope DQ will give me a direction and/or good fundamentals skills to figure out what path should I use (resources/information/tools).
I will try to focus on it and finish the course without waste time collecting. I will also try the other tips mentioned on this thread. Let’s see what happens!

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