Own project: Close Price Changes, a Study on STOOQ DE Companies


I would like to share my own project about STOOQ DE companies. Please find out more in the project.

I am not completely satisfied with my visualizations. Please advice how I could improve.

Here is link to the project: STOOQ DE (1).ipynb (95.7 KB)

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @Malgorzata Thanks for sharing your work. The presentation style of your project is very pretty making your work easy to follow along. When printing a pandas DataFrame, inbuilt print function doesn’t prettify the printing. To me I prefer using the display function, it prints DataFrame as a table.

# Getting familiar with our dataset

In most notebooks I work with the function is imported by default. If in your case it is not imported you can import it with

from IPython.display import display

Happy Learning!

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Thanks for that suggestion, I will definitely try this.

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Hi Malgorzata,

Congrat for the nice work!

Something weird in your close price charts: are you sure there is no aberration in the raw data from the stocks website or even from the dataframe you plot (the date index maybe)? Chart prices generally are curves with peaks and valleys, I think something is going wrong here.



I tried to check it though it’s hard without your csv, but I found a way.

You should try

sng.index = pd.to_datetime(sng["date"]) #so you got a DataFrame time series
close = sng['closePrice']
plt.plot( close, c='blue', label='Close Price')

it’s good and you’ve explained well.


Your suggestion always provides great help :slight_smile: