Own project: Close Price Changes, a Study on STOOQ DE Companies


I would like to share my own project about STOOQ DE companies. Please find out more in the project.

I am not completely satisfied with my visualizations. Please advice how I could improve.

Here is link to the project: STOOQ DE (1).ipynb (95.7 KB)

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @Malgorzata Thanks for sharing your work. The presentation style of your project is very pretty making your work easy to follow along. When printing a pandas DataFrame, inbuilt print function doesn’t prettify the printing. To me I prefer using the display function, it prints DataFrame as a table.

# Getting familiar with our dataset

In most notebooks I work with the function is imported by default. If in your case it is not imported you can import it with

from IPython.display import display

Happy Learning!

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Thanks for that suggestion, I will definitely try this.