Pandas Fundamentals 12/14

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My Code:

industry_usa = f500.loc[[f500['country'] == 'USA'],["industry"]].value_counts().head(2)

Please can someone explain why this doesn’t work? The course hasn’t explained the solution provided at all.

You need to be a bit more careful with how and where to use the brackets.

What you are trying to do is close to this particular example in the documentation

Conditional that returns a boolean Series with column labels specified

df.loc[df['shield'] > 6, ['max_speed']]

When you want to select some rows based on a boolean condition, there is no need for a bracket around that condition for extracting those rows.

So, instead of -

f500.loc[[f500['country'] == 'USA'],["industry"]]

you would have -

f500.loc[f500['country'] == 'USA',["industry"]]

That’s the primary source of your error.

When you fix the above, you will get another error because of value_counts(). The reason being, that when using .loc() if you enclose the column(s) in double brackets, it returns a dataframe. And a Pandas dataframe does not have a value_counts() method.

You need the loc() to return a Series instead. And for that, you don’t need a bracket around "industry".

So, your original code -

industry_usa = f500.loc[[f500['country'] == 'USA'],["industry"]].value_counts().head(2)


industry_usa = f500.loc[f500['country'] == 'USA',"industry"].value_counts().head(2)
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