Pandas no longer installed

I’ve been using jupyter notebook for my projects and have successfully used pandas countless times. Today when I tried to import pandas, I got:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pandas’

I had a great deal of trouble installing basemap, and I’m wondering if in the process of trying to install it, I somehow uninstalled pandas. I have no idea how this would be possible and I’m not sure where to begin in troubleshooting other than doing a reinstall of the distribution.

Depending on your OS (Operation System - Windows or Linux or Mac or else), I would say that root for trouble is in the paths… While installing basemap, you could accidentally change the paths to the standard installations. Can’t give you more detailed info ATM (at the moment), but I would start researching from here.

Thanks for your input @ranklord. FYI I’m running MacOS Mojave. I opened up terminal through Anaconda and ran conda update -n root conda to update all packages and reconcile inconsistencies. I’m back in business with pandas, don’t know yet about basemap, though I saw it on the package list.

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