Parsing results back through to the input of a function


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Excuse me if I have missed this from a lesson (I checked and I don’t see this being mentioned anywhere), but in the above image the function’s input allows the results from the body of code to be returned to the input/parsing variable (string_b) and be stored within it - returning & storing a list of the formatted data even though you’ve already parsed your data into string_b

My problem is that I can’t find this being mentioned elsewhere as a topic or even talking point - it’d be useful to have a bit more of an explanation of how this works…!

HI @burhaan.quinn: I think you misunderstood the concept of the return statement of a function. The return statement returns value(s) as stored in variables, lists or strings datatypes etc. to the main program. In this case string_b is modified to become an int type from the string type. You can choose to call the function and save the return value in the main program.

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#let's say string_b is 01-10-2020
def process_date(string_b):
    return string_b 

result = process_date(string_b) #string_b becomes 01102002

You can choose to store the return value in a variable like result if you require the use of this in the main program.

Hope this clarifies.

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Thanks for clarifying, .

In essence my thinkings are just misinterpretations of the use of the function in this case.