Path completion certificates?

Hi there,

I have just now completed the Data Scientist Path but haven’t received the completion certificate for the entire path - I can only see the certificates for the individual courses.

Can someone please look into it for me?


Hi team,

Any updates on this please?


I apologise for the delay @asadmasad.

Congratulations on completing the path! I have just gone ahead and issued you a certificate for it.

You can find it in your Dashboard . Hit your profile icon on the top right and select Profile . You should see it along with all your other certificates. :slight_smile:

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Hi, it seems I have the same issue. When I completed the Data Analyst Path, I automatically received the certificate for that. Now that I finished the Data Scientist Path, the certificate for it does not show up among the certificates, even though I completed it to 101%. :smiley:
I mention this because I can imagine the certificate being issued when completed==100 thus this minor bug that miscalculates the completeness could prevent issuing the certificate.

Hi @ka_steve,

We can definitely help you here! Can you please raise a ticket for this by clicking on the “Contact Us” button in the top right?

Thanks for the quick reply!
That button doesn’t do anything for me except giving an error in the console:

_application-484da558f2ce274c9d362334a7959607632bf0d7e9f9bda157c0a6b161d9144b.js:10961 Refused to run the JavaScript URL because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “script-src ‘nonce-e049e5c5e646716e78bb1ba59db3324e’ ‘unsafe-inline’”. Note that ‘unsafe-inline’ is ignored if either a hash or nonce value is present in the source list.

redirectTo @ _application-484da558f2ce274c9d362334a7959607632bf0d7e9f9bda157c0a6b161d9144b.js:10961
routeTo @ _application-484da558f2ce274c9d362334a7959607632bf0d7e9f9bda157c0a6b161d9144b.js:10880
e.default @ _application-484da558f2ce274c9d362334a7959607632bf0d7e9f9bda157c0a6b161d9144b.js:21657
dispatch @ _ember_jquery-36a23101c869ab0dc53fc908de69adb785731593573d32bdeef416acc1076ef4.js:5443
v.handle @ _ember_jquery-36a23101c869ab0dc53fc908de69adb785731593573d32bdeef416acc1076ef4.js:5247


The same happens in Chrome, in incognito mode, without extensions or in Firefox.

Could you send me a direct link to where I could submit the ticket? Thanks!

I’m sorry. I’ll get this fixed asap!

In the meantime, please try using the question mark (?) button on the top right corner in

I’ve submitted a ticket, thanks for looking into it!

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A CS person just activated the certificate and reset my completion to 100%, thanks!