Path of Data Science

Hey ,
I have decided to go with Data science as a career ahead and with only 3 months of learning experience, I am quite stuck now to proceed further. I have done my intro-level courses from Coursera and right now I am enrolled in Andrew neg Machine learning course. Which way to go from here is something I am unable to decide. Anyone who could assist, I feel this pt. always come when you start something new.

I am open to suggestions!

Hi @akkr0718,

I would recommend you to complete Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course and then pick a project of your choice. Not just any random project. A project that is good enough to make you obsessed to complete it. And then I would recommend you to continue your learning as a means to complete that project or to improve that project. This way, you will have a direction for what to learn next.

Additionally, there are many roles in data science. The video in the below post will help you to understand these roles:



much appreciated , thanks a lot

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