Pd.sort_values() - sorting numbers

I recall there being a lesson where we sorted values using pd.sort_values() where the values where numbers and there was a parameter to get them to sort in numerical order instead of “alphabetically”. Now I can’t find that lesson or command. Am I mis-remembering that? Or can someone tell me the option or lesson?

Hi @PatrickSmith:

May I know which particular path and mission step your are currently on so I can backtrack and help you find it? Anyways, it was briefly mentioned in this article and in the documentation

You can also check out this thread about it.

Ascending=False or True

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Currently I’m working on Guided Project: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys. I don’t remember exactly what I was trying to do, but I was playing around with some of the data, trying to pass a series to .value_counts().sort_values(), and it came out in order 1,10,2,20,3…

I went back through my code and everywhere else I’ve done that it comes out in order. Perhaps I made a mistake.